Frequently Asked Questions

What are BMPs?

BMPs or Best Management Practices are short (e.g. 1-3 pages) documents that provide direction to the user for mitigating environmental, health and safety risks.

Why do I need BMPs?

When you distribute BMPs into your work culture, you are making a commitment to the health and safety of your employees and reduce the likeliness of creating a pollution incident. The results save you time and may reduce your overall operational costs.

How much do BMPs cost?

The cost is $750 to purchase BMPs. This is a one-time up-front cost.

Do I have to purchase BMPS from Environmental Risk Professionals for CERC?

BMPs are provided by Environmental Risk Professionals for anyone interested in mitigating their environmental, health and/or safety risks. For those who are interested in becoming a Certified Environmentally Responsible Contractor (CERC) they must purchase BMPs from Environmental Risk Professionals. CERC is a contractor certification program exclusively provided by Environmental Risk Professionals.

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I have a health and safety plan, why do I need BMPs?

BMPs obtained from ERP are a requirement for those interested in the CERC certification. For all others, BMPs are a low-cost solution to those that do not currently have environmental, health and safety resources available to them.

How were the BMPs written and what is the background of the person(s) writing them?

BMPs were developed based on what is generally accepted best practices in the environmental, health and safety field. They were written by an environmental professional with over 20 years of experience in the environmental, health and safety field. Extensive research, including a review of hundreds of pollution-related claims, along with real-world experience was used to develop each BMP.